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Woodworking Projects: How to Make a Patio Chair, and Build a Birdhouse

Building a Patio Chair

A patio chair is the best choice of chair for outdoor relaxation. The amazing thing is you can build the chair right on your backyard with this woodworking project, by yourself. The first thing to note is that the Patio chair is made out of cedar wood. With a supply of that, you are set to go.

wooden woodworking project patio chair

Step One: Building the Legs

1. The first thing to do is to take your measurements. Cut out the determined front legs of the chair using a saw.
2. On them, make a mark of notches that will hold the board that will connect the two front legs to ensure balance.
3. Then cut out the notches with a jigsaw, as this is the best option.
4. Cut out a 2 by 6 board to fit into the notches at the two front legs. Then fit in the board, and use a wood glue to put it in place. Then screw the board to the legs.
5. Then measure and cut the two back legs. Ensure they have an angle of 15 degrees at each end.
6. Then join the rear legs with a support as done with the front legs using wood glue, then screws. Join in a way that the support board should be at 9o degrees angle to the ground.

Step Two: Building the Arm, Seat, and BackSupports

1. Measure and cut the arm support, usually two pieces.
2. Attach them to the front legs and rear legs using glue and screws.
3. Measure and cut the seat supports. Three pieces will do.
4. Attach them to the legs with screws. Ensure the boards are arranged properly.
5. Measure and cut the back supports. Two or three will be enough.
6. For a more beautiful look, cut out some degrees at the tip of the back supports. Attach them to the chair.

Step Three: Building the Seat of the Chair

1. Use boards that are about ? inches in thickness and about 3 and a half inches in width to make your seats. Give an equal space between your seats. 2. Attach the boards to the chair using screws. It is advisable to pre-drill to avoid the wood splitting.

Step Four: Building the Backrest

1. Basically, the same procedure employed in building the seat rests.

Step Five: Building the Arm Rests
1. Shape the boards for the armrest to give a beautiful look.
2. Attach the boards to the legs using glue and then screws to hold them in place.
You can choose to apply any finishing of your choice to give your patio chair an amazing look.

Building a Birdhouse

This next woodworking birdhouse project is a step-by-step guide on how to build a birdhouse.

woodworking birdhouse project

Step One: Getting Set

1) Acquire cedar wood, as it is the best for it.
2) Depending on the size of the birdhouse, cut the wood into different parts to be used. A single piece to be used for the floor of the house (6*4 inches recommended)
Two wood of the same size for the walls (front and back). 6*9 inches recommended Two wood of the same size for the left and right walls. (5*4 inches recommended) Two pieces for both sides of the roof.

Step Two: Building the House

1. Drill a hole at the center of the piece for the front wall, and smoothen.
2. Paint or polish the woods cut out
3. With glue attach the pieces together, and allow dry.
4. Then screw them together.
5. Attach the two pieces of the roof that have been glued together on top of the house with screws. And you are done!

So it is pretty easy to have some woodwork projects done in your backyard. Why not give it a try?

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